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CZ - Self - Imposed Obstacles - Phobias and Fears Removing - by Cuzco (Teresa Rubiolo)


year 2018 

Working with these energies enables to let go of the past and generate new pathways for to take.

Are excellent energies for removing self-imposed obstacles, balances the emotions ,aid at clears phobias & fears and stimulate  the patience and optimism. calming the mind and  to guides into meditation..

Brings and radiates light energy that is both energizing and calming and help also for promotes the proper functioning the pituitary gland ,fortifies the thyroid and stimulates metabolic rate, useful for aid at decrease weight gain etc..

These energy system is offered outside of medicine and conventional medicine. It does not replace a doctor and / or existing treatments and do not make diagnosis. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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