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Harmonize and Care the Auric Field- by Scion


These energies heals the Auric field ,guards the aura,clears and purifies the entire auric field ,removes negative cords ,eliminates negative thoughts, energies and attachments within the auric field and activates a strong, protective energy to guard the aura against psychic attack,all while assisting you to discover your courage and confidence in refining your power and strength.

 Stimulate and brings strength,confidence,courage ,relieves fears.fortifies the spirit in times of difficult situations ,expands the power of other energies,boost the body’s own ability to self-heal,boost immune system,eliminates toxins, helps overcome and heal depression and help also in your relationship problems.

 These  healers energies also  favors the Kundalini Awakening ,stimulate and activates root chakra and stabilizes energy fields during Kundalini awakening.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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