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Protection and Care Against Any Energy Vampires - by Scion


year 2018

Be that whether you are a Lightworker or just need some extra protection from negativity, working with these energies will be helpful to you.

These energies send out light-sound waves that serve to instantly protect people from energy vampires.

Working withe these energies gives you the possibility to regain the psychic and magical powers and inner strength that energy vampires attempt to drain. 

Most of us have known people to drain our energy, are actually energy vampires.when they leave, you are left feeling tired and fatigued.these people are  draining your energies and often they do noteven they realize they are doing it.  

 Energy vampires can be found everywhere.  any day at work,  with friends, acquaintances and even in the family .

Energy vampires are sometimes human, but they also can be entities , and even very dark energy beings and especially if you are a lightworker  they are often attracted to your light, ,they are deceptive and you may not even realize that they drain your energy .

These are a high energies frequences that send out light-sound waves useful for  works with removing and protecting you from both types of energy vampires , both for the people who out draining you, and also the energy beings who see your light etherically.

 If you are dealing with energy vampire that is not a physical being,these energies are high and powerful to get rid and protect you ,removes them, heals your energy, and protect you from any future attacks.
Everything energetic vampirism  are removed  and now you can heal and to regain your energy, strength, and  your psychic and magickal powers etc. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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