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Black & White Magickal Fire - by Scion


year 2018
 The  color  black  it can  represents  the hidden  or  the  unknown  and  the  color  white  reflects  the  light or awakened  consciousness. 

 The merging of  the  hidden  with  the  known  produces  a  balanced state  of  being  balance the dark with the light. 

Working with these energies helps you change your reality,at to move between the worlds with the ability  to  glide  easily  from  one  dimension  to another and awaken full consciousness,intuitively  teaches  us  how  to connect  with  our  inner  rhythm,  honor  our  body ,  move  with  agility and have astral  Experiences with to have  ability  to consciously  go  out  of  body.

These energies require respect and teaches work with  determination and  focus to  help  you  perfect  these  skills ,They  teach   with    how  to  embrace  and  understand  all  realms  and helps you  receive  messages  through  the  dreamtime or in  a  meditative  state.  

  If you want, they can connects you  with  the  upper  and  the  lower  world,  turning you  into  a  guide  between  the  worlds. 

 If  you  have  been  working  with the  energies  for  a  long  time  and  possesses  additional  occult  knowledge   you can get he  will  obtain  an  ability  to  receive information  from  both  worlds,you are protected  for can  contact  representatives  of  various  worlds  and  need  not  fear  that  he  might  be  enslaved  by  them.  

These  energies  also  have  a  cleaning  function. they  with  a  deleting  from  it  negative  programs  created by others , evil  eye,  curse,  love  magic and more. 
Are also  useful  for clean  the  space  and  objects  from negative  energy ,  for  instance  after  a  bad  person  was  in  the room  and has touched your objects these energies neutralizes  destroying programs  implemented  in  objects or food .

Great  for cleaning / destruction of negative energy even from your online store.

These  energies are applicable in any way and at all levels,if you know what you want, then you will also know how to work with these high magic energies

 If these energies appears in your life get ready for a life change full of mystery, intrigue and transformation. 

Once you have explored uncharted lands  in your life nothing will be like before.

Are energies very powerful , recommended to those who are already on the way spiritual and magickal evolution .

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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