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High Frequency Energy Magickal Source - by Scion



year 2018

These are a great energies for anyone seeking  the spiritual awakened and the direct connection to the Universe that  grants it the ability to add power to any type of magic and supports the body in integrating high frequency energies.

Are able to increase energy and raise one’s vibrations for to helps connect  with extraterrestrials from other planets.

The more you  works with these  energies  the stronger that your abilities will become.

These high vibrational energies are also  very strong and useful for can removed negative entities ,It  helps to overcome any forms of curses and are wonderful for to  re - brings an enormous amount of luck in your life.  

Some other benefits: Encourage accumulation of knowledge ,ability to increase psychic sensitivity,Increases Psychic Channels ,communication from a distance through telepathy,regulates astral travel and lucid dreaming, along with the possibility of thinning the veil between dimensions and for to bring to a higher state of consciousness beyond current limitations etc..

Furthermore also are  useful for to strengthen the aura ,have a high healing vibration for accelerates healing from illness and injuries.

 People suffering with depression can also benefit from these energies ,is suitable to assist those who are emotional, nervous, stressed and pressured,also give you ability  help to heal metaphysical diseases, diseases  caused by with interference by demons,from black magick, dark spirit.etc

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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