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Life Mirror Wisdom Flush by Manuela Fasoli


year 2018
Every experience in our  outer life is a mirror of our inner life as you know.We manifest our life .

 But sometime we manifest  bad experiences that we  don’t want and often we don’t understand.

The reason is we manifest  our inner Projections ,our parts,all the parts of ourself  even the neglected,refused and forgotten parts of us  to learn some new lessons and to heal thoose parts.

But often it’s hard to catch soon the meaning,it’s hard to heal  all thoose inner removed parts so the bad experiences go on coming back and back again.

 With this attunement and its energy you’ll be helped to catch and change faster,to heal thoose parts  in  shorter times  so you don’t have to   fall into the usual vicious circle that we all know very well.
 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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