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Synchronistic Reiki - All Things Come Together - by Daelyn Wolf Manual in English or in German or in Japanese


year 2016

Synchronistic Reiki connects you to the higher universal energy of source. It works to help bring things together so that what you desire to manifest comes together for complete achievement quickly and in unison. Whatever you goal, desire, or need, you have to have people, places, and things to come together for it to manifest in the physical realm.

 Synchonistic Reiki—All Things Come Together, sets the energy in motion to help you manifest your desire faster, and easier. It brings together all that you need to achieve your goals quickly and easily. 

You can use the energy of this system to help you with bringing things together to help you achieve:



Job and Career


The energy of Synchronistic Reiki brings all things together to make your wishes come true, your desires to manifest, your joy to spring forth. 

It is a powerful connection to Infinite Intelligence that takes the path of least resistance to achieve your goals.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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