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High Energy Healing Weight Loss Reiki by Daelyn Wolf


year 2017

High Energy Healing—Weight Loss Reiki connects to Universal Spirit and to your Higher Self, for healing and empowerment.

 The energies of this system have a focus on weight loss healing to help bring positive results with speed.

 Being overweight can lead to many serious health issues. 

It is important to work toward maintaining a healthy weight.

 The energies of this system work to help you lose weight and keep your courage and enthusiasm up for achieving your goals of losing weight.

This is an energy infused system, and it is very powerful with the special focus on loosing weight to reach your ideal weight.

 It brings healing both mental and physical in order to become healthy and maintain good health.

It works to help curb your appetite, and to change your thinking so that you desire and want to eat healthy, rather than junk food that is bad for you.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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