La Via CZ Spiritual Healing 

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 Is an emotional healing ray That connects you to the peaceful compassionate energy of the Dolphins. 

It restores balance and harmony very quickly, and two to its very gentle flow is en suitable for all. 

There are no prerequisites to receiving this beautiful system 

Although anyone who has had previous attunements such as Dolphin Reiki may Find That the Dolphin Particularly connection is enhanced. Also AQUAMARINE will work well with any of the other Dolphin attunements such as Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. 

 will work with past, present and future emotional issues.

 Also it will work with other healing modalities and Reiki forms, as well as crystals 

 can be used for Both in-person and distance healing.

 First, we will discuss in-person healing with this Dolphin Energy. 

There are NO symbols: INTENTION is the key.

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement 

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