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Etheric Body Healing by Winarso



Price founder 55,99 $   year 2010 

Etheric Body       Healing

The Etheric Body Healing gives you the direct, powerful techniques clear yourself of any energetic blockages. Clearing these blocks in layers allows you to attune your body, mind and energetic field to evolve to its highest potential. A wonderful energy for everyone interested in optimum health, this is the first for those interested in the ascension process.  
This is simply system, no symbols, no visualization, only with an intention the energy will flow and works. So, You will learn easy but amazing techniques that allow you to self-diagnose any blockages that might be preventing you from your next step in your growth and how to clear them in minutes. You will learn to self-muscle test and use other system to self-diagnose and then clear and reset the etheric body to a new attuned level. These techniques empower you to heal yourself and other in a new, fascinating manner that has immediate effects in one’s life experience. By attuning the etheric body we increase the vibrant force of the physical body for optimum health and to increase your ability to hold and receive new, higher energies. You will also learn to heal your energy body which governs the health of your physical and emotional states.
Etheric Body Healing offers:
Clearing Yourself of “Over Energy” (excess energy in the meridians that can keep you awake at night, cause anxiety, etc).
Activating your Body’s Ability to Regenerate and Rejuvenate
Clearing from Shock and Trauma
Clearing and Shielding Yourself and Others from Negative Forces ( such as cell phone radiation)
Improve your Learning and Processing Skills to Deeply and Preventing Jet Lag
Patching Auric Holes
Expanding Your Energy and Accelerating Your Evolution.
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