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Metallic Silver Laser by Winarso


From Hari Winarso 16 $ year 2010

Metallic Laser Trilogy –I

Silver Laser

Silver Laser can be used to dispel fearful thoughts and can protect against illness and violence. Enhances stability of finances and protects in business pursuits. Aligns the base chakra and stimulates the  Kundalini. When you work with this energy it enables the kundalini to rise. Silver Laser calms and helps diminish depression.

The Silver Laser also enhances the care for others. Helps to  provide psychic and physical protection. Aids in grounding. Useful for long periods of stress and when the energy is low.

This energy is warms and energises physically and emotionally. It aids meditation and promoters patience, persistence and compassion. Assists in achieving emotional balance, self-confidence and the implementation of creative energy.

For physical, the energy of Silver Laser strengthens the blood, muscles and kidneys and promoter physical stamina. It boosts sexuality, passion and fertility. Its’ warming and energising  powers aid in arthritic and rheumatoid conditions.

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