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Lingga Yoni Fertility by Winarso



by Winarso year 2009 -20 $

Lingga Yoni Fertility are extremely useful for those with fertility problems. If used on a regular basis these system are renowned to diminish infertility. Lingga Yoni Fertility is not only useful for fertility, but also for increasing the sex appeal, harmonizing relationships, strengthening the bond between lovers and couples, and many other benefits that you’ll find in your practice.

Lingga Yoni Fertility is consist of:

Lingga Yoni Fertility Attunement: After you have receive Lingga Yoni Fertility Attunement, you can access the energy from of Lingga Yoni Fertility.

Lingga Yoni Fertility Activation: this is to activated the Lingga Yoni Fertility. Activate Lingga Yoni Fertility every morning when you have get up from sleep, and make this as your daily activation/affirmation, then this activation works well to strengthen your sex appeal and charisma.

Lingga Yoni Fertility Healing:  this is to heal your physical and subtle body, removing all causes of fertility problems, sexual disfuctions, etc. you can using this to heal yourself or others.

Lingga Yoni Fertility Symbol Meditation: this is a meditation that using Lingga Yoni Fertility Symbol. This meditation has benefits to strengthening the bond between lovers and couples, and etc.

    receive manual,  attunement  chi ball     , & lineage.  

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