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13 Crystals Skulls by Winarso


by Hari Andri Winarso year 2009

    Prerequisite : Level 2 Reiki  

It is a system whit haling and attune you with The 13   Crystal Skull energy.        13 Crystal Skull energy is a pure and powerful Divine energy. During the process of attunement perhaps you will feel frightened, smell or hear something. Don’t be afraid because that is a normally reaction when you accepted this attunement.

Even you don’t feel anything, don’t worry … because when you have done take this attunement, you have attune with the 13 Crystal Skulls energy.

     Benefits of 13 Crystal Skulls

-          Cleans the negative energies in our self and the environment.

-          Increase and strengthen our healing abilities and energies.

-          Helps to activating our Third Eye Chakra and strengthen the psychic abilities.

-          To heal all diseases.

-          And many other benefits.

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