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Ruby Essence by Winarso



By: Hari Andri Winarso  

Ruby Essence is a powerful Energy which has the ability to bring hidden things to the light.    Ruby essence may bring these emotions quickly to the surface, and should only be used when a person has knowledge of how to learn and gain from the experience. In this way they are able to be purified by the experience, rather than overwhelmed by it.

Ruby essence increases energy levels and assists with disorders of  the blood, poor circulation, cleansing of the blood and heart disease, assisting to regenerate the physical and the spiritual heart, enhancing courage, integrity, selfless service, leadership, joy, spiritual devotion and power. Beneficial with intuitive thinking, Ruby essence strengthens immunity, activating sluggish or dormant conditions on the physical and spiritual levels and banishing any sense of limitation.

Ruby  essence assists its user in all matters of love, including love for themselves. It is also an energizing stone that assists with motivation, allowing its user to become more realistic about  expectations and goals. Bringing unresolved emotions and passions up to the surface, providing the energy and insight to deal with them and then refining lower passions into a higher manifestation or situation.

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