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Rastaban Star Essence by Winarso



From Hari  Winarso 

  Rastaban Star Essence

The star of “War & Retribution” remove the false heart and slays the foolish seeds of greed. Oversees justice and guides the payment of karma. Beneficial for those who have a tendency to get “pushed around by others”. For those who have difficulties in saying “no” to others. If you have become too caught up in the material world and the need to “posses everything”, Rastaban will bring back a sense of balance and harmony. Rastaban may produce an uncomfortable sensation (especially if you have not been acting in the best interests  of all) as it is effectively rearranging your energy stores and putting things back into a sense of “right order”. Beneficial for those who are too “full on “to soften and soothe, those who feel the need to convert everyone they meet to agreeing with their own set of ideas and ideas. Assists to allow people be who they are.

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