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Divine Light Downloads by Winarso


by Hari  Andri Winarso year 2010

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Divine Lights Downloads

Divine Lights Downloads are new light beings from the Divine that can be downloaded directly to any soul. They bring divine light and love to raise the frequency , the vibration of the soul, mind and body to which they are given. Divine Lights Downloads offer the possibility of healing and transformation, each assisting in specific and unique ways.

Through its extraordinary light, frequency and vibration, it provides soul healing and transformation, which can then spill out into the outer life of the mind and body, releasing energy and spiritual blockages. In the health area, Divine Lights Downloads are available for specific cells, organs and organ systems.

Whether for soul healing, the Divine Lights Download can be received by you, your loved one, or a pet for an organ, system, body part or a condition, such as, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, etc. It can be received for relationships and finances. For soul healing, this Divine Lights Download are available as karmic removal, heal the relationships, trauma removal, anti depression, etc.

Divine Lights Downloads has 3 levels, that is :

-           Divine Lights For Physical Level

-          Divine Lights For Soul Level

-          Divine Lights Transmission.

    receive manual,  attunement  chi ball   & lineage

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