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Unlimited Potential Chakras by Winarso


From Hari Andri Winarso 2010

Price founder 45,99 $ 

The system channeled to create a wonderful attunement experiences that promotes inner balance, peace, and tranquility in the assisting in the attunement of the 7 chakra centers. This attunement also has purpose to explore unlimited potentials of the 7 chakras in our subtle body. The Unlimited Potential Chakras Attunements are for very deep chakra therapy and transformation. The Unlimited potential chakras Attunement has 7 attunements (Please take minimum 24 hours for each attunements), that is:

1.          Manifestation Chakra Attunement

2.        Creativity Chakra Attunement

3.        Blueprint Chakra Attunement

4.        Love Chakra Attunement

5.        Communicator  Chakra Attunement

6.        Lattice Chakra Attunement

7.        Purity Chakra Attunement.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball   & lineage.

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