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Divine Harmony Level 1 -by Winarso


From Hari Winarso

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Divine    Harmony Attunement 1

 Divine Harmony Attunement 1. After you have receive the attunement of Divine Harmony Attunement 1, you can doing some other attunement belong this Divine Harmony Attunement by yourself (Self attunement). Each attunements facilitates inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

The attunements that including at here is:

1.           Auric Protection Attunement

2.           Being Present Attunement

3.           Clarity Attunement

4.           Concentration Attunement

5.           Self Confidence Healing Attunement

6.           Creativity Attunement

7.           Decisiveness Attunement

8.           Emotional Balance Attunement

    receive manual,  attunement  chi ball , & lineage

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